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BZoo Rebirth


After a long time off .. the project starts again .



A bit of History


The idea of making BZoo is born when JMS posted a thread on 3D.Blender forum about Ash's works on network basics for Blender game.


JiBe suddently realized that it was possible to use Python socket library within blender game engine and immediatly understood that making persistent virtual worlds was possible. Two weeks later .. JiBe released a blender game in which several people could connect and see each other moving in a 3D environment. JiBe showed his works to LOD . At the time it was pretty basic (it wasn't even possible to chat) but LOD felt the innovative aspect of such a game in the Blender sphere. In order to help this project to develop, he gently agreed to lend his win98 machine (with a DynDNS adress) for testing and thus allowed people to experience BZoo (he also became the very first person to host a full Blender virtual world).


A few weeks later, chat feature was added to facilitate communication while testing. Meanwhile, Joel had released his 3D Virtual Gallery and he agreed to give it to BZoo project. Joel who is a very talented Blender artist (winning multiple awards on various 3D-related sites) was the first artist to create 3D content for a BZoo world.


As LOD was building an amazingly rich content around Joel gallery which was attracting more an more testers, JiBe started looking for a forum in which people could exchange ideas and information about BZoo. He asked MARTS whether he could host a forum dedicated to BZoo .. MARTS gently agreed and created a BZoo section into his forum. When MARTS and LeGolo gave Bzoo a try, they were immediatly seduced by the concept which was quiet unprecedented in the Blender area. MARTS had an existing scene for an in-dev game and as he had accuratly understood how BZoo was working, he quickly incorporates it into the BZoo template to create his own network game.. It took him around 10 minutes to create a Bzoo World and thus became the first BZoo world creator.


LeGolo was so much seduced by the concept of BZoo that he proposed a Street scene a few days later . We didn't know yet .. but this scene was about to trigger an impressive enthousiasm. Several people decided to contribute to this scene.


Blendman reworked textures and ligthen the file .. he also redesigned the chat windows in very modern esthetic

Joël and F6 added content into the BZoo street ..


TO BE CONTINUED .. come back later ..